Transformational Makeup Workshops

    Makeup is a tool for transformation. We use it to disguise, enhance, beautify or bring to surface what is dwelling beneath. But have you considered what else it might transform? During these months where staying home is imperative, we consider makeup not as part of a ritual to go out and be seen, but as something more introspective and personal. Even the act of sitting before a mirror and gazing at our own changing reflection can help us process our changing emotional landscape.

      Join us for an ongoing series where we create the container for an exploration of makeup as a vehicle of expression, because words can be so limiting in complex times like these!

      Each series will offer 3 separate sessions, with 3 different instructors, which can be purchased as a single class, or at a discounted rate for the series. All classes are offered over Zoom and will be recorded for future viewing.

      20% of all proceeds will go to Out Youth. Come stoke your creative flame, enjoy a community setting and help support an important Qmunnity organization!

      Tues, Jan. 26th 7-9pm CST: Wintertime Blues: Winter is here. Shorter days, colder temperatures, and continued isolation amidst our ongoing pandemic can contribute to a multi-layered dampening of the spirit. But there is always beauty to be found if you know where to look! In this workshop, instructor Jake Revolt (a.k.a. Bettie Pvnk) will lead us through our own personal cold and bleak inner winter-scapes, to emerge weathered, frost-bit and fabulous.

      Products we'll be using for this class are: Mehron Clown White, colored pigments (reds and pinks or blues and purples work really well for contouring) and glitter if you wanna sparkle! We'll also be blocking our brows for this class, so be sure to have a purple elmer's glue stick handy if you want to get on that train.

      Thurs, Feb 11th 7-9pm CST: Valentine Clown: Looking for new and unconventional forms of self- care? We're going to sit ourselves down and find out what kind of clown we're made of, because it's fun and silly and that's the kind of medicine we need right now. Cute and colorful? Sad and quiet? Unshaven and...drunk? Maybe all of the above? Instructor Cheri Lake (a.k.a. Brigitte Bandit) will share what makeup therapy means to her as she guides us through the process that is equal parts technique and play.

      Products will be listed two weeks prior to class.

      Tues, Feb 16th 7-9pm CST: Mardi Gras Magic: Mardi Gras is the High Holiday of decadent indulgence and costumed expression! It can be a day to frolic as our most magical selves, or an opportunity to engage that part of who we are that doesn't have permission to be seen in waking life... Mardi Gras offers the invitation to embody your innermost fantasy, knowing that the following day, Ash Wednesday, will return us to a season of Lenten austerity and the straight-n-narrow (or...not!)

      Our favorite Mardi Gras Queen, Angeliska, will offer a look into her transformational process of bringing an inspiration to it's fullest realization. We'll consider what aspects of our own hidden inner-worlds want to be seen, and how that might become a costume for a future Mardi Gras day (and how to ensure your lewk will stand up to parading, eating, drinking, emotional overwhelm and making out with strangers, because one day...)! Throughout this discussion, she'll also be guiding us through the steps of creating a multi-colored delicious king cake makeup eye, which can be applied with different colors depending on your mood or future holiday!

      Products will be listed 2 weeks prior to class.

      You'll receive your Zoom link one day prior to your class. Class tickets are non-refundable, but are transferable.